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Mantenerse motivado My top three reasons that motivate me to learn Spanish

In September of 2019, I came to the realization that I am either going to spend the majority of my life – 

A) Wanting to learn Spanish 

B) Actively learning Spanish 

Four years prior I took a beginning class while still in college, however, like most people, I forgot what I learned because I was not using it. So, I felt like I needed to start over with a beginners course and get the basics down. It was a difficult time of transition and change but I felt empowered by my realization.  

Later that fall, I walked into my local Spanish school for adults and mustered up the courage to sign up for a beginning Spanish class.  It was difficult. This initial decision. I walked inside the school, walked out, and walked back in to sign up. I didn’t drive 40 minutes to Sacramento for nothing. The most important step was this first one. It gave me the momentum, social support, and encouragement to keep moving forward towards my goal of becoming conversational in Spanish. Because of the hefty price tag, I am no longer taking group classes, but I don’t regret the money I spent. The class was the initial push that I needed to get started again. 

Fast forward to today, I am proud to say that I have been able to stick with my learning journey. I even chose learning Spanish as my 2020 New Year’s resolution. I have really only just begun learning this language. So far, it has been an uncomfortable yet incredibly enriching experience. I think one of the ways I have been able to stay motivated is by constantly reminding  myself of my reasons for learning Spanish. 

My top 3 Razones for learning Spanish 

Razón número uno – ayudando gente

About five years ago I was volunteering at a resource center and shelter for women and children while in college. A mother and her two children walked in for assistance. The child asked us if anyone spoke Spanish and the receptionist told them that no one speaks Spanish here. She handed them some brochures. I´m not even sure if those brochures were in Spanish or would even be of much help. The mother looked defeated when she left with her kids. It broke my heart that no one was able to help them. Thus, one of the main reasons why I want to learn Spanish is to help people like that family in need.  

Razón número dos – viajar y experimentar otras culturas

For the fun of learning and experiencing aspects of another culture and different way of living life. I plan to travel and have first hand cultural experiences. I rather speak the local language than hope that they speak English to get by. I want to do more than get by in a foreign country. I want to see the country from a local’s perspective. My world view has already become bigger as I connect with native Spanish speakers and hear about their lives.  

Razón número tres – habilidad increíblemente valiosa

It is a highly valued skill to have here in California. It is nothing new that bilingualism is sought after by most employers and, as a customer service representative, I am asked if I speak Spanish at least once a day. After English, the most spoken language around here is Spanish. It is a no-brainer that it is an important skill to master. 

Basically, I feel like I have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking up this challenge of a lifetime. When you keep yourself motivated and engaged in your language education, those study sessions become enjoyable and something that you look forward to after work. 

Con una sonrisa,

Rosa Janelle

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