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August 2020

Fin de mes revisar- Estudiar español –  Agosto 2020
Me siento creativa y apasionada por nuevos proyectos.

What did I do this month? 
¿Qué hice este mes?

I read a few chapters of James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. I bought the Spanish version from here:  This is one of my favorite children’s books. I was a huge fan of the movie as a child. 

I also read some articles from Tiny Buddha. It’s a website with a ton of self-help articles. It’s one of those websites you keep going back to time and time again. It has a built in translator to the right side of the screen. So, you can change the text from English to Spanish. What is really cool is that you can highlight a sentence and it will show you the original English sentence. It is a wonderful tool that I discovered by accident. A happy accident discovery! Aquí hay un súper interesante articulo para ayudarte a empezar – ejercicios de terapia de la naturaleza.

I created some regular sized post notes to stick on my wall with full sentences in Spanish. I review them while I am working at my desk. My friend created a spreadsheet of hundreds of Spanish sentences with their English translations, so, I used the spreadsheet for the sentences. You can also take sentences from websites like Spanishdict, a Spanish book, or even type your own sentences into Google translate. 

I’ve been watching a popular telenovela on Netflix called Silvana Sin Lana. Maybe you have heard about it. It’s funny, dramatic, colorful, and entertaining. There are quite a lot of love triangles, which is always fun. It takes place in beautiful Miami so there is just a hint of English. However, 99.9% is in Spanish. I really like learning slang from telenovelas. How native speakers REALLY talk.

Meditation – I have been meditating a lot. I often use guided meditations in other languages so that I can get some exposure to the language. I love Insight Timer. It is an app with thousands of guided meditations in over twenty languages. Though, Spanish is my focus, sometimes I listen to Russian, French, or Chinese. Even though I don’t understand much, I absolutely love listening to the sounds of the spoken language and recognizing patterns. Similar to how a baby learns they hear the language all the time, but don’t understand anything yet. Listening trains my brain to recognize the language. The more language exposure the better. 

Other resources or apps that I used this month to study Spanish: Duolingo, Yabla, Italki, Hellotalk

What did I feel this month? What challenged me this month?
¿Qué sentí este mes? ¿Qué me desafió este mes?

This month California has been dealing with a lot of natural disasters in the form of fires. Many, many, destructive fires. Luckily, I am safe. My close friends and family are safe. Though, many people have lost nearly everything from these fires. The air quality has been horrible as well. All of this is happening as we are still struggling with controlling this COVID-19 pandemic while creating some sort of normalcy as schools attempt to reopen or revert every class to an online class. I’ve also had some mandatory overtime this month. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and fearful from all of this.  I had to take one day off work and I stopped taking Italki lessons for most of the month.

Though, I end the month strong. I feel renewed in a way. I have learned to tap into inner strength reserves that I didn’t know I had. I feel creative and passionate about new projects like this very blog. 

How can I overcome that challenge?
¿Cómo puedo superar ese desafío?

I need to continue taking care of myself so that I can remain resilient in the face of consistent stress and stressful situations in general. I am sure that 2020 will be presenting more stress in my life, and, thus, opportunities for growth…challenges to overcome. Meditation and relaxation has helped me immensely. Routines and consistency have helped me as well. Journaling, writing, reading, creating online content continues to spark joy and passion. 

What did I savor this month?
¿Qué disfrute de este mes?

My mornings! Mis mañanas. I have my mornings available for extra rest, contemplations, meditation and whatever I need to help kick start my day.

Someone inspirational
Alguien inspirador

¨Press on with pride. Press on with purpose. ¨

– Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman 11.1976 – 08.2020. Rest in peace.

Con una sonrisa,

Rosa Janelle

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