I’m bilingual

As you may have read from my post about maintaining positivity, I am all about uplifting myself in order to reach my goals. I mentioned that it is good to recognize your strengths and give yourself credit for each step along the path to increased fluency in your target language.  Recently, I have come to the realization that I’m no longer monolingual. I am no longer going to label myself as monolingual. I am giving myself credit for reaching this milestone of conversational Spanish. I am bilingual. 

My personal definition of bilingualism: The ability to communicate in a second language.

There is definitely disagreement on the exact definition of bilingualism and fluency. It is human nature to have disagreements on just about anything these days, right? Yet,  MY  personal definition of bilingualism is short and to the point as you can see. I can speak two languages. I am not fluent in Spanish, but I can communicate in Spanish. I think that language ability is measured by how well you can communicate and connect to others by using the target language. I can communicate to a certain extent in Spanish. I may make mistakes and have to correct myself or ask the speaker to please repeat what they said.  It is clear that I am not native-level fluent but I can speak in casual conversation. My speaking abilities outweigh my writing and reading abilities. Yet, nonetheless, I can communicate in Spanish to get my ideas across, which was my main goal of the year. 

 October 2020 would mark ONE FULL YEAR of learning Spanish in this journey and it is quickly approaching. 

So, I have been reflecting about the past year and how far I have come in terms of my goal to speak Spanish. I was talking to a friend who is also studying both Spanish and French  when I stated that, “I have met my goal for this year already.In January 2020, I could not speak Spanish…only a few phrases, now I can hold fluid conversations, which is pretty darn AMAZING. It just feels great too! Granted, I make errors when I speak Spanish and I speak slowly at times as I form my sentences… I can still communicate verbally to an A2 maybe B1 level based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) that most learners seem to go by . ( I am still working on assessing my level). 

This is a post to recognize this accomplishment and give myself credit for the hard work that I have put into this journey thus far. I might create a progress video. So, stay tuned for that.  I never recorded that many clips of the initial months of learning Spanish or the one college-level  class that I took back in 2015.  However, I still think it will be nice to showcase my progress in order to celebrate and inspire fellow language learners alike. 

My plans for the rest of 2020:  I plan to continue making progress with speaking Spanish. I would like to make less errors when I speak and speak with greater confidence.  A major difference is that I am going to put more of my focus on learning to write and read Spanish. I consider speaking more important in terms of communication. However, writing and reading is incredibly important if you want to reach a high level of fluency. 

Thanks for reading my friends! Many of you have been super supportive and helpful when it comes to learning Spanish. I appreciate you all! I wish you the best on reaching your personal goals! 

Gracias por leer. Hasta la próxima,

Rosa Janelle

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  1. “Give yourself credit”… Así es, felicitarnos por pequeños pasos, motivarnos a nosotros mismos para seguir yendo hacia adelante.
    No nos detengamos y llegaremos antes de lo previsto.

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