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September 2020

Fin de mes revisar- Estudiar español –  Septiembre 2020

Once again, the month zoomed by! This month I made the decision to focus more so on grammar, writing, and reading. Grammar is kind of a dreaded word in my mind since high school. Though, I am really trying to see grammar in a positive light because the structure of any language is important if you want to be at an intermediate level.

I feel like my attention is always getting pulled in multiple directions because there is so much that I want to do in my free time. There’s not much free time in my life. Not as much as I’d like for language learning, everyday responsibilities, and other hobbies. I have to work with what I’ve got and make priorities.  I’ve been doing that this month and I hope to continue next month.  

¿Qué hice este mes?

Rocket Spanish self-study program

I stopped using Duolingo as much and I started using Rocket Spanish more often. Rocket is a paid service so, of course, it has more content. It gives detailed grammar explanations and examples. At the end of each lesson there are reinforcement activities which include flashcards, writing the target phrases/words, repeating them outloud, and then it wraps up the lesson by giving you the English phrase that you have to translate to Spanish. Also, gives  you a super short quiz at the end of the lesson. 

Honestly, Rocket can be boring at times. It helps if I bounce around from lesson to lesson. I will complete a portion of multiple lessons in one day. So, if you look at my progress I have many partially completed lessons. 

Spanish Verb Tenses Practice Makes Perfect Series written by Dorothy Richmond- 4th edition

You may have heard me mention this practice book before because it’s one of my best tools for Spanish. I have been taking notes on each section from this workbook and complete practice exercises at a snail’s pace. However, I’m someone who really needs to let new information settle in my brain before moving on. What’s so nice about self-study is that you can go your pace without feeling overwhelmed with too much new information. This is the one workbook that I plan to complete within the next six months. I think that is a do-able goal.

In addition,  this month I finally completed writing notes on all the verb tenses! I might share some of my notes on this blog later. 

Insight Timer – Meditation in other languages

If you follow me on Instagram (Rosajanelle.languages) then you know I use this app quite often. It is truly amazing! I have mentioned this app numerous times and I might create a post solely about this useful tool when it comes to passive language learning. I have been trying to create a strong meditation and yoga practice to combat stress. If you ever get into meditation long-term then you will experience the wonderful benefits of this practice. I have been completing two hours a day of time for meditation and yoga. It may come as a shock to you. It’s a good chunk of the day, yet this “me time” means a lot to my health and wellness. I aim for one hour in the morning and one hour late at night before bed. 

Insight Timer is my main tool for meditation and it also contributes to passive language learning. I have a paid subscription that allows me to select up to five languages so that I can listen to talks and guided meditations in those languages. I’m pleasantly surprised by the huge selection for Spanish. This app and meditation as a regular practice is gaining momentum especially as more people are trying to improve their mental health and overall wellness in 2020. The popularity has led to an increase of live meditation sessions as well as courses. I highly recommend insight timer if you are interested in meditation and language learning. It is a wonderful online community. 

The Women in Language 2020 conference 

I heard about this conference through a post by the famous Lindie Botes from youtube. I decided to check it out and sign up. I’m really glad I did. I still haven’t listened to all the recorded talks yet I have already learned so much. I’ve learned about raising multilingual children, heritage languages, accents, and inspiring stories. This online conference gave passionate teachers and students of languages a chance to come together, encourage one another, share resources and stories.

 Some members formed facebook groups for people studying the same languages. I joined the Spanish and French groups. I’ll plan to practice Spanish with the group. However, I am not even an A1 level in French so I have some work to do before I can have conversations. I enjoy being a part of the group and the energy of everyone. There are some highly motivated, bright language learners out there. If anyone from the conference is reading my blog please leave a comment, find me on Facebook or send some emojis on Insta. It’d be great to connect and talk about language learning sometime! 

¿Qué me desafió este mes?

There was the challenge of managing my time. It seems like I have a never-ending to-do list. 

I have a white board on my wall that I write my to-do list on. I have so many items on it. I think I can improve when it comes to prioritizing and being realistic about how I can make the most of my time. The ability to assess the importance of to-do items and plan accordingly definitely a strength.

¿Cómo puedo superar ese desafío?

I’m going to focus on prioritizing and giving more structure to my study sessions. I am thinking about trying an app called Notion for life organization. It’s gotten positive reviews from language gurus and popular youtubers. I downloaded it months ago but I have not set it up yet. It can do a lot and seems overwhelming to me. I need to sit down and set it up so that I can benefit from it. I am a bit weary about storing all my to-dos and calendar events digitally. In college I used the calendar on my cell phone to schedule everything until one day it was suddenly erased and I had to scrabble to figure out my schedule for that month. I really hope that never happens again. 

Also, I recently purchased my first bullet journal today! I’m excited to use it for organizing my life, tracking language learning progress  and , simply,  journaling.

¿Qué disfrute de este mes? 

I started listening to more Spanish and French music on Spotify and Youtube. I’ve found some great music and I’ve already had a couple dance parties with my Buddy. It’s been a joy. 

Here are some of my favorites at the moment – 

Spanish: Ansiedad – Carla Morrison, Nadie Como Yo – Kevin Roldan, Mocca – Lalo Ebratt & Trapical, Hasta la Raíz –  Natalie Lafourcade – I can even sing the first part of this song 

French: Amour etrange – DIMANCHE, J’ai Cherché – Amir , Tourner la page – Zaho,  On Ne Vit Qu’Une Fois – Sidoine,  Avenir – Louane , Avec Toi- Oboy

Song recommendations are welcomed. I’m open to music from any genre.  

Mis planes para Octubre 

I know it sounds so nerdy when I say I’m really excited about the study plans that I made for October. Though, it’s true. I’m excited because I think I’ve developed a system that’ll work for me. 

Here it is: 25 minutes of studying per day for the month of October. Each day I have the option to choose what I want to do. 

Option A – 25 minutes of completing practice exercises from my Spanish Verb Tenses workbook 

Option B – 25 minutes of using my Rocket Spanish course 

Option C – 25 minutes of Journaling in Spanish 

Option D – 25 minutes of Reading in Spanish 

Rule of thumb – Study in a quiet environment  and limit distractions.

I think it’s totally do-able and fun because I can select what I want to write or read about or which lesson that I want to complete. I chose the amount of 25 minutes because I think it is a good amount of time. It’s not too long or too short. 

My mom gave me a beautiful, hand-sewn notebook with completely blank pages from her store and I have been using it solely for writing in Spanish. I can imagine journaling in Spanish and then completing another task in the same day. I’ll try to track how many times I complete each task over the course of October. 

Ha sido divertido septiembre.  Hasta 2021, adiós por ahora.

Mucho amor,

Rosa Janelle

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