Monthly Progress

May 2021

Es hora de repasar el mes de mayo. I want to start this post off by sharing seven words that I find interesting or amusing. I keep this list on my phone and I add to it whenever a new word catches my attention.

It’s my little collection and there’s more to come!  🦋

☼ Más que nunca – more than ever Ejemplo: Tengo ganas de nadar más que nunca porque hace mucho calor. 

☼ Duradera -lasting Ejemplo: Estos zapatos han sido muy duraderos. 

☼ Un par de semanas – a couple of weeks Ejemplo: En un par de semanas voy a visitar el lago. 

☼ El rescate – the ransom/rescue/recovery – Ejemplo: Los bomberos acudieron al rescate de la gente atrapada en el edificio.The firefighters went to the rescue of the people trapped in the building.

☼ Quisquilloso – fussy/persnickety/choosy  – La profesora es muy quisquillosa cuando corrige los exámenes.The teacher is really pernickety when she corrects exam papers.

☼ Esquiva o Escurridizo – elusive – Ejemplo: Eso es mewtwo el raro y escurridizo pokemon.

☼ Inesperadamente – Unexpectedly – Ejemplo: El joven inesperadamente tropezó y se cayó por las escaleras.

I feel like it has been awhile since I mentioned my progress and thoughts in general about the learning process. I’m writing this at 11:30 PM because It’s on my mind and I just finished a Spanish class. I’ve been continuing with Lingoda classes online. I have to schedule certain classes at certain times so, sadly,  I can’t select my teacher. I never know who will teach the class or what their teaching style will be beforehand but that’s okay…no matter what I am learning. 

Recently, I changed my Lingoda subscription from 12 classes per month to 20 classes every 28 days. It’s a huge difference but I’ll be saving money in the long run. I prefer to buy things in bulk to save money anyway. The time commitment is going to be a challenge. It’s not easy to reschedule classes so, basically, once I select my classes for the month I stick with them unless something more important comes up. I am enjoying the b1.1 program so far. The topics are interesting and the teachers try to make lessons interactive and inclusive. After the lesson there is a ten question multiple-choice quiz to reinforce what you have learnt but that’s it as far as review goes. After each chapter there isn’t really any cumulative test or anything to further reinforce the material which is a downside. I’ve decided to write using new vocabulary or concepts to reinforce the material independently.  Ultimately, I think I’ll stick with Lingoda classes for the rest of the year. I plan on finishing most of the B1 classes that they offer because there are many interesting topics such as: biografías e historia, la privacidad en la red, diferencias culturales, y subculturas. I feel like the classes have been a huge help to let me practice Spanish and learn new vocabulary. So, you’ll hear me mention more about Lingoda in the coming months.  

Korean and French: I’m trying to learn phrases here and there. I added a little bit of Korean in a song that I learned on my ukulele so I have been practicing those lines. I’m slowly but surely practicing a bit  of Korean each day. It’s not enough to make strides but it’s something. Something is always better than nada. I’m using Mango Languages and Drops for both Korean and French. For some reason, I enjoy Mango even though there are no photos and it is quite basic and straightforward. Also, I love that there are no annoying ads. 

I’m looking forward to daily classes next month and more speaking practice with friends. ¡Charlemos! Also, singing in foreign languages. I recently uploaded a video on Facebook of myself singing You are my Sunshine in several languages. 💛

Rosa Janelle

Image by Tim Hill from Pixaby. 

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