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Monthly Progress

July 2021

“La gratitud convierte lo que tenemos en suficiente”  – Buddha 

La gratitud cambia mi vida.

 No crecí con una práctica de gratitud pero como adulta entiendo su importancia para una vida plena.

 La gratitud es una emoción positiva. 

Es un sentimiento de paz y alegría. 

La práctica me acerca más a mí misma y al momento presente. 

Nos permite ver la vida como un regalo.

No importa cómo me sienta… puedo llegar al interior y encontrar gratitud por algo. 

Pienso que cuando nos mostramos gratitud tenemos la capacidad de mostrar más gratitud a la gente en nuestra vida.  

¿Por qué estás agradecido hoy? What are you grateful for today? 

Gratitude is an important concept of Buddhism and many other religions. It ignites inner peace and a sense of calmness in my life.  I’m grateful for opportunities that I’ve had since I have stuck with my goal to learn Spanish. I’ve had conversations with hundreds of Spanish speakers that want to learn English. I’ve also taken hundreds of lessons to improve my Spanish. The interactions, class discussions, and speaking Spanish has been so helpful. 

This month I started out strong with a lot of classes, however, I’ve ended the month by taking no classes. My next class is not until August 1st: a one hour class to practice casual conversation with a new Italki tutor from CDMX. 

I’ve also upgraded to the “taco” group in the Patron account of How to Spanish Podcast, so, this means I get access to the full transcripts from EACH EPISODE. They have over 100 episodes each with interesting topics and vocabulary. I’ve been listening to a few episodes while following along with the transcript. It’s been enriching to have this resource for Spanish because, so often, I may miss bits and pieces of dialogue. I’m not able to understand 100% of what they are saying but, now, I can read the entire podcast at my own pace. Finding a language learning resource like this is like a golden ticket to fluency as long as you take the time to utilize it. 

I’m looking forward to taking it easy for the month of August ‘21. I’m going to spend less time with Spanish this month, which, to be honest,  I’m a little down about since I’ve made leaps and bounds over the last two months by taking upwards of 40 classes. It was too much.  In August I’ll be taking a few classes and using some of my Italki credits, however, I’ll be spending more time exercising, meditating, writing songs and other self-care activities that bring me joy. 

Con una sonrisa, 

Rosa Janelle

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