Monthly Progress

August ’21 Transiciones

Transición – Acción y efecto a pasar de un modo de ser o estar a otro distinto. 

I would say it’s been a month of transición for sure. I’m transitioning into a teacher – to teach English as a foreign language online! It’s something that I’ve thought about doing for a while as I contemplated my career path so I decided to take the plunge and simply get started. 

Why teach English?

Teaching English is a calling, a monetizable skill-set, and, most importantly, a potentially rewarding career.  This is a career in which I can combine my passion for language learning and my calling to foster communities with deeper connection, empathy, and understanding through language. As a global society we need deeper connection, empathy, and understanding. The power to help individuals and communities become better communicators in an international language like English can be profound.  

What will be my niche? 

I’d like to focus on teaching adults. Since I’m a customer service representative, I hope to help people with customer service skills, such as assisting English-speaking customers by phone, live chat, or e-mail. In addition, English is known as an international language. Each year there are tens of thousands of people who need to demonstrate some knowledge of English to be able to apply to highly desirable jobs, universities, and other opportunities. Many people have to take English proficiency tests such as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). There is definitely a demand for English teachers in these categories. 

Becoming TEFL certified – 120 Hour program

I selected a certification program by Bridge Education Group who specializes in developing English as a foreign language teacher and preparing new teachers for teaching online. It’s been about a week since I started the basic TEFL program and I’m going through it at a fast rate. It’s a lot of reading with the occasional video or short essay which is graded by a tutor and the program is 100% online. I enjoy online courses; I just wish there were more photos and videos since I’m such a visual learner. I may sign up for some of their other course offerings when I have the chance to do so, because I believe the best teachers are prepared and knowledgeable. 

And finally, my Spanish language learning update 

I’ve been gaining momentum by exposing myself to a ton of comprehensible input in Spanish. I haven’t been taking many classes, however I’ve been improving on my own timetable. I’m enjoying upping the time I spend listening to short stories, reading, and watching youtube videos with interesting Spanish content. I’ve met some new people from Mexico City so I’ve been enjoying having convos with them. I want to continue to learn new vocabulary and use the new vocabulary in meaningful ways. My goal is to have an even greater amount of passive vocabulary in my mind that I can use as needed. This is why I’m exposing myself to a wide variety of comprehensible input.   

Planning for September 

I’ll be taking more Italki lessons for Spanish and continuing exposing myself to loads of input. I want to continue dabbling in Korean, French, Irish and, more recently, Cantonese. I plan to give some free English lessons to good friends, practice lesson planning, and gain experience in the teaching arena. 

Thanks for continuing on this journey with me! Much love!  

Rosa Janelle

Image by  Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay.

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