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September ’21 Presencia

El otro día hice una evaluación de los valores en este tiempo de mi vida. Escribí trente-dos valores en total. Ya sé muchos. Jaja Muchos de ellos están altamente interconectados. Uno de ellos es la presencia. En términos sencillos es la energía que doy al mundo. Como mujer joven quiero tener presencia y no tener miedo de ser yo misma. Quiero ser conocida por algo. Quiero que la gente me recuerde. Cuando tengo algo importante que decir o contribuir quiero sentirme cómoda diciendolo.  Necesito mostrarle a la gente quién soy y lo que puedo ofrecer. Quiero irradiar una presencia de confianza, verdad, y empatía. 

I’ve been doing a lot of soul work. As I mentioned in Spanish, I’ve been thinking about my values. My core values are important and I don’t want to forget them or neglect them. I want to acknowledge them and use them as guides to direct myself. I’m definitely growing my self-leadership skills. 

What I want and believe in is different from other people and that’s okay.  A lot of forgiveness. A lot of letting go. I need to let go of “junk” ,as I like to say, so that I can have a greater presence at any given moment. My mind tends to drift to upsetting memories of my past or worries about my futures. Things that I can’t do anything about and that really takes away from the present moment. It takes away from my presence and potential. I believe when I am present and carry myself with confidence more positive things will happen in my life. I’m not only showing up for others but also for myself. 

This month, I have been focused on two things: TEFL certification and volunteer training for a local ESL tutoring program. With so much to focus on I didn’t spend as much time as I would’ve liked with my target languages. However, I started a language exchange group with a few of my good friends where we try to meet once a week to speak Spanish and English. I’ve had a few meetings. I hope to have many more meetings in the future to work on my Spanish, help others with English, and stay connected to friends.

 I’m also on my way to becoming an ESL tutor volunteer for my library’s Proliteracy program. I’ve completed the tedious training, volunteer orientation, and, now, I’m waiting to be matched with a student. I told the coordinator that I have ample experience in customer service and online retail so I am willing to share my knowledge with someone that may need to assist English speaking customers.  They prefer that I volunteer twice a week; I told them that I can’t since I have a full-time job and other responsibilities. For many people in the Sacramento area, university courses are simply not an affordable option, therefore this free program from the public library may be the only source of English language instruction that they get. I may not have a teaching credential or major experience in the field of teaching English, however I believe I can help them improve their English. I still have much to offer them.  I think my efforts are important and I think that the work that I do for myself and for others is a human- kindness type of  investment for a better future. 

Rosa Janelle

Image by David Mark from Pixaby. Sacramento, California.

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