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October ’21 Salud

¡Feliz halloween y día de los muertos! Innegablemente, uno de mis valores es la salud. La pandemia de COVID-19 ha sido un gran impacto en nuestras vidas. He estado tratando centrarme en metas que mejorarán mi salud, como caminar en mi zona, ejercicios fáciles en casa, y comer alimentos menos procesados y azucarados. También, cambiando mi mentalidad a una más saludable.

This month was about health – la salud, la santé, 건강. Actually, health has been on my mind all pandemic. Physical health, mental health, health in general. I want to improve it all.

One thing that affects my health is stress from deadlines. Who actually likes deadlines, am I right? I’ve been busy trying to get through my TEFL certification before the deadline at the end of November so this will be a quick update. I haven’t taken a Spanish lesson in so long but I signed up for five lessons to practice speaking next month. That should be good 1:1 practice with one of my awesome Italki teachers.

In other news, I’ve been giving lessons to someone from Mexico City who has been living and working in the Sacramento area for some time. He has a small construction business and hopes to grow his business as he strengthens his English skills. He is not a total beginner and he has mentioned that he understands English, however it is difficult for him to speak English. He struggles to think in English. This is actually the same problem that I have with Spanish so I totally understand his struggle. For the majority of us language learners, getting accustomed to thinking in the target language is an ongoing challenge.

It’s wonderful that he’s highly motivated; I feel that he is in it for the long-haul since he believes English with help his business grow and present him with better opportunities. This is a volunteer position through the Sacramento Public Library ESL program, however, It’s good, useful teaching experience. I take it seriously as I lesson plan. I like that I’m starting out with one student so I can discover what works for me as a teacher at a reasonable pace while still working full-time for Gap. So far, I’ve utilized the books provided to me by the library which are Book #2 of English No Problem series and Road to work. I search the internet for other resources that I can use in my lessons to help him improve specific skills as needed, such as pronunciation practice, simple past tense, simple present tense etc.

I’m looking forward to continuing learning the ins and outs of a volunteer ESL tutor (my student just calls me teacher). For my personal studies of Spanish, I want to spend more time studying and practicing.

– Rosa Janelle

Photo from Pixabay.

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