Monthly Progress

January 2021

French  It’s been fun to focus on French this month. I’ve been working on getting to an A1/A2 level.  I love this language. J’aime la langue! I’m discovering more about the culture of Francophones as well. I’ve spoken to native speakers from various countries: France, Canada, Côte d’Ivoire, Morocco, and Algeria. Many of them are …

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Goals for 2021: Español, Français, 한국어

Ahora es 2021. Looking back, there were so many tears shed worldwide  and so much loss in 2020. It’s been tough, exhausting,  emotional, and unpredictable. In all honesty, we need to look forward, stay hopeful,  and make the most of each day that we are gifted with.  We’re still alive and 2021 has officially begun.  …

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La langue française

Dear French,  Bonjour mon vieil ami! We meet again. After all those years in high school doing page after page of grammar practices, sitting in Madame Anderson’s class thinking to myself, What the heck are they saying?, as she played us a recording of French speakers speaking at the speed of light, baking madeleine cookies …

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